Moving Phones

If I Move My Phone, Will It Lose Its Settings?

The settings for your phone and extension are stored locally on the phone itself. Therefore, when you unplug and move your phone, the phone’s configuration will not be reset. All extensions and settings will remain unchanged.

IP phones that have been registered with CoPilot VoIP’s server will re-provision themselves to match the settings set through the CoPilot VoIP web platform. Whenever the phone is reconnected to the internet via a network, it will reach out to the CoPilot VoIP server and apply any configuration updates.

How Can I Use My Phone Remotely at Home?

CoPilot VoIP phones require both power and a stable internet connection to send/receive calls and updates.

Contacting your home network’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) is recommended. Inform them that you will be using VoIP services at home. The ISP can ensure your network is optimized for robust, uninterrupted VoIP connectivity and can address any issues during their check.

To ensure excellent Quality of Service (QoS) for calls, it may be necessary to adjust your home network equipment’s settings (like router/modem, firewall) to prioritize SIP traffic, which is used by the phones.

Can I Swap Phones with Another Extension?

Each IP phone can hold Accounts containing the registration information needed to connect to CoPilot VoIP’s Provisioning Server for updates. To swap an extension registered to a phone, a support agent will replace the existing account information in the phone with the new extension’s details.

If you plan to move phones to a different extension, contact CoPilot VoIP support for assistance in reprogramming the phones to the correct extension.

Can My Phone be Registered to Multiple Accounts?

Each IP phone can hold multiple SIP accounts from different domains and providers. Even two extensions from the same domain can share a phone.

If you need an additional extension registered to your IP phone and an extra line appearance key added for that extension, contact CoPilot VoIP’s technical support team through the support section on