Dynamic Call Parking

Introduction to Call Parking:

  • Call Parking in CoPilot VoIP allows you to place callers in virtual Parking Spots. Another phone on the account can then pick up the call to continue the conversation.
  • This feature is akin to placing a caller on Hold, but with Call Parking, any member of your team who knows the Parking Spot Number or has Park Buttons on their phone can resume the call, not just the original party.

Dynamic Call Parking

What is Dynamic Call Parking?

  • Dynamic Call Parking assigns a parking spot number to the call automatically, typically a value like 701, 702, or 703.
  • This feature is ideal for devices with limited or no line keys, commonly used on cordless handsets, but it’s available on all phone types within CoPilot VoIP.

Placing a Call on Park Dynamically:

  1. Default Code:
    • The standard code for Dynamic Call Parking in CoPilot VoIP is *** (Star Star Star).
    • Warning: If your account has custom modifications to its Dial Plan, your code might be different.
  2. Using the Feature:
    • During a call, press *** (Star Star Star) to activate Dynamic Call Parking.
    • The system will place the call in a Parking Spot and announce which Parking Spot Number it has been assigned.

Retrieving a Call on Park

How to Retrieve a Parked Call:

  • Calls can be retrieved from any phone on the account.
  • If the phone has Call Park buttons, a red indicator light will show that the park is occupied. Pressing the corresponding button will retrieve the parked call.
  • Alternatively, dial the Call Park Number (701, 702, 703, etc.) like an internal extension to pick up the call at that phone.

Warning: If your account includes additional Call Parks, your Call Park Numbers may vary.