Create a Call Park Queue

As your organization grows, you might find the need for additional park queues to enable more selective call parking.

Creating Call Park Queues:

  1. Access Call Queues:
    • Navigate to the Call Queues page on the CoPilot VoIP portal.
  2. Add a New Queue:
    • Click the ‘Add Call Queue’ button.
  3. Configure the Queue:
    • In the ‘Add a Call Queue’ modal, assign a unique name to the park queue in the Name box.
    • Enter an unused extension number in the Extension box.
      • Quick Tip: Extensions 701-709 are designed for Call Park Queues. Using other extension numbers may result in issues using Call Park Queues..
    • If applicable, use the Department and Site boxes for organizational sorting.
    • In the Type section, select ‘Call Park’.
  4. Finalize:
    • Click ‘Add’ to create the new park queue.
    • You will see the new park queue listed with others on your call queues page.

Repeat this process to create additional park queues as needed.

Add a Call Park Key to a Phone

After creating new park queues, you can add call park keys to phones for easy access.

Setting Up Call Park Keys:

  1. Access Phone Settings:
    • Go to the Inventory page on the CoPilot VoIP portal.
  2. Configure a Phone:
    • Click the ‘Phone Manager’ button for a phone you wish to add the call park key to.
  3. Assign the Key:
    • On the Phone Manager page, select the line key you wish to configure.
    • Use the Feature dropdown to choose ‘Call Park’.
  4. Enter Park Queue Details:
    • In the ‘Enter a Call Park’ box, input the name or extension number of the new park queue.
    • In the ‘Custom Label’ box, type a name for the call park key as it will appear on the phone.
  5. Apply Changes:
    • Repeat steps 3-4 for each call park key you wish to add.
    • Select ‘Apply and Resync’ to update both the portal and the phone.
    • Quick Tip: Alternatively, select ‘Apply’ to update the portal, with the phone updating during its nightly cycle.

Call Park Key Indicators:

  • Phones sharing call park keys will display a light indicating the status of the park queue.
    • Green Light: The call park is empty.
    • Red Light: The call park is occupied. Press the key to pick up the call.