Desktop App

While these instructions are written for the CoPilot Desktop App, they are also synonmous when using the CoPilot Web Browser App.

To learn how to download the CoPilot Desktop App, click here

  1. Open the CoPilot Desktop App & sign-in
  2. Once logged in you will see a screen similar to the following: 

This view will let you see your menu options on the left.  Once familiar with the menu icons you can click the 3 lines towards the top left to show a more simplified view.

Dial pad

  1. To dial a phone number click in the Search Contacts box and type the number from your keyboard.  You can also click on the individual numbers with the mouse to dial or you can enter the name of a contact and it will search for the contact’s number. 
  2. If you would like to permanently keep the Dial Pad open, point to the top right corner and click on the thumbtack.  This will pin the Dial Pad to your workspace.  To remove it click on the thumbtack again. 
  3. To close the Dial Pad move the mouse to the top left corner and click on the X. 


  1. Contacts can be found on the left side of the screen under Dial Pad.  You can scroll through to see your contacts or at the top of the screen click on the magnifying glass symbol to search them.
  2. To add new contacts click on the “+” symbol at the top.  Enter the information for the contact then click on Save at the bottom.

Call History

  1. Call History is located on the left side under Contacts.  Once you click on it you will see a drop down menu at the top which will let you select between All, Missed, Inbound, and Outbound.
  2. If you click on one of the calls listed you will find additional options such as creating a new contact from it or adding the number to an existing contact.
  3. You also have the option to call the number that you have clicked on or send an SMS (text) message to the caller.


  1. Voicemails will be found here.  You can use the Voicemail drop down at the top to select between New voicemails or Saved voicemails.
  2. The name of the caller will display along with the first line of a transcript of the voice mail.

Clicking on the voicemail will display 4 icons at the bottom. 

  • The handset icon dials the person back. 
  • The square disk icon allows you to move the voicemail to your Saved ones. 
  • The right arrow icon allows you to forward the voicemail to another contact in your directory. 
  • The garbage can icon will delete the voicemail.

Call Parks

Call Parking allows you to place a call on hold in an easy way for someone else to pick up.  Once the call is parked anyone can pick the call up from any extension on your phone system by dialing the Call Parks space or clicking in it in the app.

Parking a call

  1. To park a call, click the “Park Call” button.
  2. Then either select “Dynamic Park” or manually select your call park position
  3. To learn more about Dynamic Call Parking, click here

Picking up a call park

  1. To pick up a call in the app click on Call Parks on the left.  You will then see a list of call “spaces” that are available to pick up.  If there is no a call in a space it will display Empty.
  2. To pick up a call simply click on it.