Masquerading in the Portal

What is Masquerading?

Masquerading means logging in as another user. This is an available feature in the Manager Portal for Office Manager scopes. 

Masquerading as another user to troubleshoot issues is an essential part of a collaborative, online environment; however, it is important to never share plaintext passwords. The CoPilot masquerading feature does not share passwords. Instead, the masquerading feature functions by allowing manager scopes to log into the Portal using their own credentials, and simply selecting to masquerade as any of their sub-users.

Use Masquerade

1. Log into the Portal with an Office Manager scope. 

2. Navigate to a domain > Users page. 

3. The masquerade option is a mask button available across from applicable users. 

4. Click Yes to confirm the masquerade. Click No to cancel. 

5. The top of the Portal window will first display a loading dialogue, followed by a notification bar that lists the user who you are masquerading as, their extension, and the domain. This notification bar will remain at the top of the Portal window during the entirety of the masquerade session. 

Click the End Masquerade button at any time to end the masquerade. Ending a masquerade will bring you back to the list of domain users (the last page you were on before masquerading).