How to Change A Voicemail Greeting

Once you log in to the CoPilot web portal, click on the message icon then go to the Settings tab below. You can also browse directly to:

Update the Voicemail Greeting

Once you are on the Voicemail Settings Page, click on the Manage icon indicated below by the speaker icon:

You will be taken to a pop-up window that contains your current greeting options. 

  • You can use the Play button to listen to the greeting 
  • You can download a greeting 
  • You can edit a greeting 
  • You can delete a greeting 

At the bottom, click the Add Greeting Button to create a New Greeting

There are 3 ways to add a greeting to your Voicemail

  1. Text-To-Speech – This option will allow you to type a message that will be converted to an audio file. The voice option can be selected to determine how the text-to-speech will sound. The Play Button can be used to preview the audio file. 

    2. Upload – If you already have a message recorded you can select the Upload option and select the audio file saved on your computer and select upload to save it to the menu.

    The sound file needs to be in a .wav file, mono channel, and 8000 Hz format!To convert your audio file, use this handy website: – Telephony File Converter
    When using this website to convert the file, select the “Standard Definition” option for the Output Format. 

    3. Record – If you need to record a message you can select the Record Button. Then in the option “Call me at” you can send a call to either an extension (3 or 4 digits) or a ten-digit telephone number to record the message through a phone. You will need to add a description to the greeting.

    1. When you are finished with the call you can either select “Try Again” to re-do the recording or select “Done” to upload the sound to the menu

    Once you are done recording or the file has been uploaded click on done to review your list of greetings. 

    Select the Active Greeting

    After your new greeting has been added, it can be selected from the drop-down menu under Greetings. 

    • Click Save to finalize the changes.